Travancore Medical College , Kollam , Kerala , India


ECHOLAB                       CORONARY CARE UNIT                     T.M.T                       


   The aim of the Coronary Care Unit is to provide best care for  Cardiology patients, utilising a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach, resulting in optimal patient outcomes. This includes the initiation of early intervention as appropriate. The CCU is intended to be a quiet, calm, and restful area in which patients can be further evaluated and closely monitored. Specially trained nurses who work with doctors and other members of the medical team provides individualized care. The Coronary Care Unit has 8 beds allocated for  cardiology patients

The length of stay in the CCU varies, depending on :
   Whether or not the diagnosis of a heart attack is confirmed
   The severity of the heart attack
   The presence and severity of associated complications
    A patient with a heart attack without complications spends about two to three days in a CCU before being transferred to a step-down unit. A step-down unit offers less intensive care than the CCU but still permits continuous ECG monitoring to screen for abnormal heart rhythms or other complications. The patient usually goes home five to seven days after hospital admission.


Visiting hours are usually restricted.

For visiting hours within Coronary Care unit : Contact  Coronary Care staff

Telephone +
91 474 3069534


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